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Temping FAQs

I am in Australia on a Working Holiday Visa. Can I temp with inPlace Recruitment for more than 6 months?

Yes. Although the working holiday visa restricts you to working with any one employer for a maximum of 6 months, inPlace Recruitment as a recruitment agency can employ you for as long as your visa is valid. You may work with any one client for up to a maximum of 6 months in total. (i.e. all temp assignments we offer you will be of 6 months or less in duration).

How long are temping assignments

Anything from 1 day to over a year (subject to your working rights).

Do I need previous experience to temp

Yes, when working as a temp you rarely receive any on the job training and are expected to be able to take on the role and run with it.

What time do I need to submit my timesheet each week?

Timesheets must be emailed to sandra [at] inplacerecruitment [dot] com [dot] au  by 11am on the last working day of every week, or you will not be paid until the following week.

What do I do if I wake up sick or am unable to go to work on the day of a Temp assignment?

Call your Account Manager at inPlace Recruitment as soon as possible. They will let the supervisor know at the company you are temping at and if needed arrange for someone else to work for you that day.

As a Temp, am I eligible for Sick Leave and Annual Leave?

No. You are employed on a casual basis and your hourly rate includes a certain amount to cover sick and annual leave payments.

Can I terminate an assignment at any time?

Yes. But obviously the sooner you can give us notice the better. If you are not happy in an assignment please let us know and we will arrange to replace you and move you into a different assignment.

How do I write Temp work experience in my resume?

If you have completed many short to medium length temp assignments with different companies, you can group them together rather than listing them separately, eg: 

Jan 20012 – August 2012 Temporary work with inPlace Recruitment

  • Corporate Travel Consultant: FCM Travel Solutions
  • Retail Travel Consultant: Harvey World Travel Manly
  • Receptionist: Travelspirit Group etc…