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Tips for the Under Qualified

Don't lose heart and let that perfect job slip through your fingers. Here are some ways you can deal with the under-qualified label: 
Tips to Consider:
1. Ensure the positions you are applying for are not well above your experience level. Salaries can be an indication of the complexity of a given role.
2.  Write a good cover letter acknowledging that you don't have every qualification that they're looking for but explain how you will make up for it (sell yourself but be realistic here). You will also need to address some of the criteria they have specified in the ad that you do have experience with and give examples of where you have used these skills or qualifications. Ensure your grammar and spelling is 100% in your cover letter. Errors show a lack of attention to detail and carelessness. 
3. Learn a lot about the company you are apply to and let it show in your cover letter. It will be impressive to an employer if you know the basics of their organisation and tie it into your cover letter with why you want to work for the organisation. 
4. Offer to volunteer and work for free on a trial basis. That way the employer can experience your work ethic and desire to learn, while assessing your suitability for the role. If it is not a possibility for this company, consider calling around similar organisations and offering to do the same so you can get some experience in the industry. More often than not, if you can secure a trial or some work experience you will find the company will take you on a permanent basis down the track. 
5. Follow up your application with a phone call. Take the initiative to find their phone number and touch base with the contact. You can even use the pretence that you just want to check that your application went through. Firstly this shows initiative and secondly it gives your actual resume a personality. If you sound professional and confident over the phone and the contact has to go to the trouble of locating your actual application, you will more likely secure an interview. It will give you the chance to build a relationship and personalise your application. 
6. Don't give up! If you weren't successful the first time try to gain more experience and try again. You could even make contact with the interviewer and ask how they feel you could improve on your application for the next time. 
Article by Kristi Gomm