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Tips for the Over Qualified

1. Your resume may be letting you down. It may be too long, in the wrong order, your previous position titles may not be relevant to the role on offer or, your previous titles may be cryptic in their description thus making it hard for the interviewer to determine what your role actually was at a glance.  
2. That you really are overqualified and the employer feels that you will not be suitably challenged in the role and will ultimately move on quickly increasing the expense of staff turnover to the company.
3. The employer may feel that the current experience dynamics of the existing team may not fit with your background. Eg they may have too many seniors and not enough intermediate level. 
Some of these points may not be easy to hear but are often legitimate and warranted on the employers behalf and ultimately in your best interest to take on board. Others could simply be due to the way you have presented your application and could be eliminated with some simple resume restructuring and clarity of your resume.
Tips to consider:
1. Start your resume from your most recent position and work backwards, starting the month & year of employment. 
2. Keep your resume to a maximum of 3 pages; include only your employment history (with any financial figures or results you have achieved included under each position) and your education details. You need to catch the interviewer's attention immediately to avoid being deleted. 
3. Research the company you are applying to and create a cover letter relevant to the position summarising examples of where you have experience using the skills they have specified as desired on the advert. 
4. Follow up your application with a phone call to build rapport and get yourself noticed. 
Article by Kristi Gomm