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Everyone hates hearing those words "you have been unsuccessful", especially if it was for a job you really wanted. However, being ‘unsuccessful’ can be taken as a rejection – or an opportunity.

If there’s more than one other person going for the job, remember the chances of you being unsuccessful are greater than your chances of getting the job.

All feedback is good feedback. Some rejections are based on personality fit: not being a good fit for the company culture or team. You can’t do much to change this, however chances are you wouldn’t have enjoyed working in an environment that was not a good fit with you.

Other rejections, based on skills or experience are ones you can do something about. Such as your interview technique, further development of skills or knowledge in a particular area.

Typical feedback I’ve heard includes: not prepared enough for the interview, not sales focussed enough & not confident enough for the role.

This feedback may highlight the need to research the company/product more or to gain further experience or knowledge. It’s a good idea to prepare and practice some answers to possible interview questions. A good recruiter can help you with this.

Wasn’t J.K Rowling rejected several times in her efforts to publish her novel about a boy named Harry Potter? Didn’t Channel 7 reject a program called Neighbours?….enough said.