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Invest in yourself

Keep Learning – Keep Earning!Invest in yourself for your travel career

Most of us invest in a home, superannuation and maybe shares. Very often, however, we overlook the most important investment opportunity we have, namely ourselves.

Investing in our own self-development through further education and training is an investment in our employment future, not to mention our financial and personal well-being.

The travel industry continues to evolve with improved technology and an ever changing environment. With this so do the trends for travel by our customers and therefore the roles required within the industry.

Self development plays a key role in enabling us to keep up with these changes as well as providing us with the skills needed to achieve our career goals.

Generally there is a career path available within your current organisation. Employers want to keep their staff and are usually happy to help you achieve your goals within their company. Talk to them about your ambitions.

Regardless of where you start in the industry, once established, people sometimes see an area that appeals to them more. To be successful in changing to a different career path you firstly need to research the knowledge and skill sets required and then position yourself to obtain these.

For example, to make a move from the retail travel sector into marketing you will need to undertake specific studies in this field.

If your goal is to progress to more senior positions within the industry continued learning and updating of skills is a must.

Employers are looking for people who have the knowledge and skills to provide them with solutions and innovations to keep them competitive in the environment in which their business operates.

At one level it’s as simple as being aware of world events through the various media outlets. Taking note of changes in the business environment, emerging trends and recognising the impact they will have on your company. 

Most employers would have a development programme in place. Discuss this with them and express your interest. With a wide range of courses offered on a part-time basis you can continue to build your career while undertaking the required study to take on a management role.

Updating your skills not only demonstrates initiative and commitment, it improves your current work performance, your personal satisfaction and your personal bottom line (pay cheque). The result? You are likely to realise greater opportunities (and rewards) from your current employer and you are more marketable to future employers.