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How to prepare the case for a pay rise

Has it been some time since you’ve had a salary review? Perhaps you’re now finding yourself working longer hours and managing increased workloads or growing responsibilities, all of which seem “just expected” by the boss.

When you start wondering if you’re being paid enough there’s usually some aspects of your job and company that are bothering you.

It’s important to acknowledge this because if you’re dissatisfied with other things about your job a pay rise will only be a temporary fix.

There should be an equity between your pay and the other intrinsic benefits your job offers you that keep you both happy within yourself and with your company.

So when deciding if you are being paid enough first ask yourself “will a higher salary resolve all my work issues?”

So how can you find out if you’re being paid your worth?

If you suspect you’re being short changed on your current salary you need to do a reality check to see if there is a genuine disparity with what is being paid in the marketplace.

Start by conducting research into industry salaries. Search the generalist online job boards such as Seek, and Mycareer as well as industry publications and website such as Travel Daily, e-travelblackboard and Travel Weekly. This will give you an idea of advertised salaries for your role. It’s important to compare ‘apples with apples’ so make sure you take into consideration the responsibilities of the advertised role as well as other terms and conditions of the salary package.

For a more detailed comparison discuss your role and salary with a travel recruitment agency. They can advise you of current salaries that are being offered by employers for your specific range of skills and experience. This will enable you to set realistic salary expectations.

The rate of inflation and the period of time since your last salary increase is also important information to consider.

How do you tackle that sensitive request for a pay rise?

The ideal opportunity to address your salary is during a performance appraisal. If you have an appraisal due prepare to address your concerns then. If it’s been some time since your last performance appraisal ask for one to be undertaken as a platform to reviewing your salary.

Prepare to demonstrate your market value to the company at your appraisal, use your industry research to assist you with this. Prepare your thoughts on the following:

  • what you feel you contribute to the business
  • your position’s scope and responsibility
  • the worth of your qualifications and experience
  • the salary you feel you should be on
  • the pay rise that would be acceptable to you

Be flexible and take into consideration environmental factors that may be affecting the business at present. Be prepared to compromise, this may entail a better lifestyle package rather than a better salary package.

If you feel you can’t approach your boss with your salary concerns or they are not willing to discuss your request for a review it may be time to consider employment elsewhere.

Sandra Chiles