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8 things I wish I knew about me...

Depending on the reason why you are now job searching; due to redundancy, re-entering the workforce or knowing you need to move on to progress; we can be in a rush to apply for jobs without considering certain questions about the job, the company and most importantly about yourself.

The inPlace team were discussing this recently and decided we should always start with questioning ourselves  - a little self tak never hurt anyone! We have put together a list of the top 8 questions we think all job seekers should ask themselves before applying for a job.

1. What is my ideal job? What will make me get up and go to work everyday with a spring in my step?

2. What type of role and industry am I seeking? Be targeted in your job search instead of sending resumes off 'willy nilly'.

3. Am I really looking to move - or just testing the waters?

4. Why am I looking to leave my current position? Think about your future, where do you want to get to and create a plan how to get there. Specialist recruitment agencies can help you with this because they know the natural progression paths within companies really well.

5. What role am I looking for? Am I happy to do the same position within a different company or am I looking for a step up in my career eg. to a managment position.

6. What money can I realistically live on? You need to consider if you are happy to take a drop in salary if there is opportunity for growth and development.

7. Am I realistic in the salary I want for the job I am looking for? Do an honest self assessment of your skills and experience. Do you have the suitable or transferable skills to match your salary expectations?

8. What are my key skills and strengths?

Once you have answered these questions you will have a clearer picture of the type of job and company you are really looking for and can be more targeted in your job search, saving you time, energy and sometimes dissapointment.

Happy Job searching!

The inPlace Recruitment team