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Sandra's Fresh Recruitment Recipe

It's not a case of how you go about your recruiting it is a matter of recruiting new people into the industry that bring a fresh enthusiasm and desire to succeed. Like the old saying goes, "if you want a different result you have to do something differently." If your current strategy isn't giving you the results you want try my recipe for a fresh approach to recruitment.

First Steps

-  Identify/break down the inherent competencies for the role
-  Relook at what you actually need vs what you had in the past
-  Did you need 5 days per week, 9.00 – 5.30pm or could you        have 4 days per week 8 – 6pm
-  What is the difference between 6mths and 3 years experience    as a Domestic Corporate Consultant?
-  At what age are you mature?
-  At what age are too young?
-  At what age do family responsibilities cease to effect a              persons work?
-  Do they have to tick every box on your wish list?


-  Travel course
-  Transferable skills
-  Fresh ideas
-  Aptitude and attitude
-  Can they do the job, will they do the job, will they fit in
-  Hire for attitude, train for skills
-  Enthusiasm, passion, desire for success, work ethic
-  Life skills and experience


-  Mix liberal amounts of enthusiasm with natural skills/ability
-  Blend in regularly with training
-  Reward with weekly amounts of remuneration
-  Place in a nurturing environment
-  Stir in fun and stimulation
-  Leave to rise in a sunlit airy workplace
-  Check frequently on level of engagement
-  Add a dollop of appreciation and feedback

Result: Enjoy an award winning, loyal and happy employee

Helpful Hint /Tip
Don’t use stale ingredients