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Sandra's 30 Tips for Successful Recruiting

After 30 years of recruiting and listening to feedback from candidates on their experiences with interviews, salary negotiations and role expectations I know first hand how important a professional recruitment process is to a candidate's decision in accepting a job offer. Here are my Top 30 Tips for successful recruiting.

The Role

  1. Clearly define the role - Ask your team what are the essential criteria for the role. 
  2. Identify what skills are essential and what skills are desirable.
  3. Don't be set on a specific number of years experience, focus on the knowedge and experience needed to do the job.

The Recruitment Process

  1. Set a realistic timeframe for the recruitment process. 
  2. Give ownership to one person. 
  3. Ensure the interviewer is trained to interview. 
  4. Be flexible with interviewing times, schedule before and after work interview slots, set aside times when you will not  be distracted.
  5. Research market salaries so you know the going rate for the role.

The Interview

  1. Give 100% attention to the interview and be prepared, candidates respect this. 
  2. Make the candidate feel welcome; use a few 'soft' questions or comments to relax them.
  3. Structure the interview; include open ended and behavioural questions. 
  4. Manage the candidate's expectations of the role and it's opportunities; give them a job spec so they fully understand the role before they consider accepting it. 
  5. Find out a bit about their personality to see that they are going to enjoy your role, fit into it and not want to leave.
  6. Do not ask for personal information that is not relevant to the job; be careful of questions that could be construed as discriminating eg. marital status.
  7. Trust your instincts; if something doesn't feel right, dig deeper.
  8. Welcome questions from the candidate, remember they are interviewing you and the company as well.
  9. Find out what other roles they are interviewing for and how they rate their interest in your position. Also ask your Recruitment Consultant.

Promote your Company 

  1. Be enthusiastic during the interview and promote your company, candidates want to know why they should work for you. Sell the company culture, personalise your experience and why you enjoy working there. 
  2. Promote the job and the opportunities it opens up for the candidate; it has to be worth moving for.

The Follow Up 

  1. Conclude the interview with the next stage - when will they hear from you or the recruiter, keep to your promise to contact them by certain date and advise unsuccessful candidates as soon as possible. 
  2. When using a recruitment agency keep in contact with your Recruitment Consultant and give feedback on how the suitability of the candidates they have put forward for the role. 
  3. Don't change the role after the candidate has been for the interview.
  4. Reference check thoroughly, be objective, tailor questions to the candidates suitability to the role. 
  5. Uphold your integrity. Do what you say, when you say you are going to do it.

The Offer 

  1. Don't keep good candidates waiting for too long - they will go elsewhere. 
  2. Don't offer a salary below what the candidate has advised they are looking for - this is a big turnoff. 
  3. Once you have made an offer and the candidate accepts, follow up with a letter of offer or contract.

Your new Employee 

  1. Ensure you have a structured induction program in place for when your new team member starts - the first impression will be key in engaging them with your company. 
  2. Hold quarterly reviews with your new team member to check that all is working out for both of you as planned, actioned any concerns immediately. 
  3. Constantly review the salary and that of the market place so you don't lose your employee over a salary structure being too low compared to the market average.

If you would like any further information on implementing an effective recruitment process feel free to call me on
02 9278 5100.

Happy Recruiting!

Sandra Chiles
Managing Director