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Outsourcing Recruitment

Using a recruitment agency to find staff can save time and money. But don’t bother calling the professionals unless you can be frank, flexible and have the funds.

What advantages does a recruitment company offer?

First impressions:

For a start a recruitment specialist offers a level of professionalism that can set your business apart from competitors. The recruitment process is a candidate’s first experience with your brand and it can determine the type of talent you attract.


Employers are too busy running their companies to dedicate the time to a comprehensive recruitment process. As a result they aren’t able to build the expertise to identify and select the best performing employees.


Most companies don’t want their competitors to know what their current staffing situation is or to flag any future expansion plans. It may also be inappropriate for existing staff to know their company’s staffing plans (especially if the business is looking to recruit some outside experience).

Market Intelligence:

It’s recruitment companies’ business to know what’s happening out in the labour market. They can tell you who’s available and guide you to realistic expectations.


Extensive databases and networks of industry contacts enable recruitment companies to find the right person quickly. They can also assist with a temp to keep your business operating smoothly while filling your vacancy.

As an owner of a recruitment agency for the last 28 years I would love to say that we can always help any client, but the truth is there are circumstances where we can’t.

When can the process encounter problems?

Closed shop:

A recruitment company needs to know detailed information about a business (including office culture etc) in order to promote it to appropriate candidates. An employer has to be open and frank throughout the process. Inflexible: If as an employer you have a set criteria and lack flexibility, it is going to be difficult to help given the current skills shortage.


Sometimes there can be a disparity between the skills an employer requires and the capacity to pay for those skills. Don’t look for a Call Centre Manager who requires operational, technical, leadership, sales and customer service skills if your budget will only cover a supervisor or team leader without those talents.


Don’t use a recruitment agency if you are not prepared to commit to the financial cost involved. However, agencies usually offer a range of service levels to suit most budgets. Just remember any good investment takes planning, research and time.