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3 Strategies to get better results from your team in the New Year!

1. Ask for Feedback
Employees like to feel valued and have their opinions heard.  Hold regular brain-storming sessions. Ask them what have been their highlights throughout the year and what they feel needs improvement. If they are in a happy, positive work environment, they will be less likely to look for new career direction elsewhere.
Ask them individually what motivates them? For some it will be money, others promotion, some will work well with incentives and others may like additional leave or work flexibility – all these can be big performance motivators. It’s highly beneficial to get to know your team and what works for them individually and try to incorporate this into your plan for the New Year.

2. Planning
Review the year so far- are your goals realistic for the team to achieve? Unrealistic goals or targets that are out of reach can be a de-motivator.  Break these down into weekly or monthly goals so they seem more attainable.  
Start considering what kind of team activities and incentives or rewards structure you may like introduce in the New Year. Remember variety is the spice of life, so mix it up a little from the same old routine.  For example you could implement a bi-monthly lunch or afternoon tea with a theme and the team could take turns to each bring in a dish to contribute. Talk to your industry colleagues and ask what reward or incentive programs they have in place that could work for your organisation. It could be as simple as the highest valued trip booked that week or the best example of team work this week gets an afternoon off!
3. Office Environment
Create excitement- discuss the benefit of success (if we can increase our sales this week by 5% we’ll make enough to give out Christmas bonuses). Celebrate wins, give recognition where it’s deserved and keep up the encouragement even if goals are not met! Incorporate some team building activities to boost morale, either during or outside work hours.
Give employees ownership of their work or certain areas of the business. If you are able provide staff with profit shares in the company to encourage staff to want to benefit from the businesses success. Or develop incentive programs with staffs input. 
Keep them interested- find new challenges to keep the work exciting – listen to their career aspirations and find ways that you can help them move in the right direction.
Get to know your team and you may be pleasantly surprised to find some hidden talents and skills that could benefit the business whilst keep your team challenged. For example, your product person may speak French and that could be an opportunity to build a new market for your business whilst developing the sales skills of the employee.
Alternatively you may have a keen photographer among your team, this could be of financial benefit to the business reducing overheads on corporate photos whilst keeping the employee challenged and interested.
If you can keep your employees feeling valued, appreciated and challenged into the New Year, then they will be less likely to look elsewhere for new career opportunities over the holidays.  
Article by Kristi Gomm