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Susan   "While seeking employment I spoke to a few travel recruitment agencies and from my interactions, Susan was more than a cut above the rest. She was the only one I spoke to that seemed interested in getting to know what I was looking for. Rather than just placing bodies in holes, she took the time to ensure my needs were aligning with those of the employer. She was very professional and knows the industry well and I felt like I was being asked questions then listened to, which was not my experience at other agenices.  Susan spent time with me and gave me great advice, kept me in the loop and was honest. I am very impressed with Susan, I have and will continue to highly recommend her to my colleagues." Jody


"Cristina, in my time between jobs I have met many recruiters from various organisations, however I have never met someone so personally involved and supportive in my pursuit to find the right role. In the times of continuous search and stress, you and your team provided much required attention and support to go that extra mile to help my cause. I cannot appreciate enough the work and the commitment you have for your job seekers, you are the best in the industry. Please be advised that I will always be the top voice of recommendation to whoever is in the job market to get in touch with inPlace Recruitment to actually see & feel the difference." Rakesh 


"Peter, I would like to thank you for all your help and support over the last few months. Out of all the recruitment agencies I've registered with, inPlace Recruitment has been constantly trying to help and actively searching for any available jobs. I will recommend your agency anywhere I can" Helena   


Susan  "I contacted Susan Chand in response to a job placement ad that appeared on Seek and was impressed with her approach to me as a job seeker. She was attentive and really went out of her way to try and match my skill set with the right job. I felt that I wasnt just a number and this was so refreshing compared to other agencies I had dealt with. Her continuous feedback and efforts were greatly appreciated. I wouldnt hesitate to recommend her services to any job seeker!" Alan 


"Sandra, I cannot say enough about the big support and assistance from you and inPlace Recruitment. I value my relationship with inPlace Recruitment as the best recruiting agent in the world. Once again thank you so much for your assistance." James 


Kristi  "I will be honest I have dealt with other employment agents in the past and I was never impressed. Your service is second to none, from what I have experienced you are well and truly, the best there is when it comes to helping people into employment. Your dedication to help and keep people informed is simply amazing. Thanks for your service, it is much appreciated!!" Ameen 


Susan   "I was fortunate to receive a number of job offers, out of which I chose to accept the one I found more challenging and interesting. Nevertheless, I feel I must express my gratitude for the fact that you believed in me and went the extra mile to arrange several interviews, one of which would most probably led to another job offer.  Your professional approach and efficiency were remarkable and your openness and trust in me boosted my confidence and made me see the job hunting challenge with different eyes. "  Elsa 


Susan  "I have deal with a number of  travel recruitment  agencies in the past and have never come across anyone as friendly and professional and patient as Susan.  Susan has been assisting me over the past 2 weeks in obtaining part time work. I threw many obstacles her way with my requirements  ( school hours, part time, limited days, need to up-skill on systems) and she was still able to deliver a position! I would recommend Susan to any person whether it be a returning mum to the work force or person wishing to advance in their career." Amanda 


"Kristi, thanks for doing such a great job and helping me with my career over the last several years - I really appreciate it. I have dealt with other recruiters a couple of times in the past for advertised roles, and they fail miserably in comparison to the service you provide"  Fiona


"Kristi, I have to say, you are the most efficient and professional travel recruiter I have dealt with in my seven years living in Sydney." Jarrod 


"Kristi, many thanks for your kind help so far, you're the greatest and most professional recruiter in the business!!" David 


"Kristi, I have been at China Southern Airlines for more than 4 months now. As you said before, I do enjoy working in this team in which we help each other and encourage each other in order to provide a better performance for the passengers who have chosen our service. I'm proud of being Chinese but also I am grateful for the background and overseas study and working experience, and the most precious is your help and confidence in me! Kristi my gratitude to you is more than I can express. My best wishes for you." Stella 


Kristi "I just wanted to say a very big thank you to you for your support and interest in finding me a job, I have dealt with other recruitment companies and I have to say that you are an amazing support and are clearly genuinely interested in helping me with my career - so thank you!"  David 


"I would like to extend my thanks to inPlace Recruitment for your professional and friendly service. I know I wasn't an easy task for you with awkward hours and without current CRS experience, however you chose to see the positive aspects of my experience and found me a temporary placement within a few days. This position really gave me the confidence I needed to get back into the industry. You always made sure I was kept up-to-date with communication and you also made valuable and well received suggestions.  Having been to a few recruitment companies, inPlace and one other (who doesn't specialise in travel) were the only ones who treated me as an individual. .... inPlace stands head and shoulders above the lot! Thank you again and I will most certainly refer friends/colleagues to you and return when I am next looking to move position."  Alex 


“Thank you for all your time, support and positive words and thoughts during my interviews. My experience with you was excellent.” Trudie