Forget past thinking, we need an organic workforce for the future

Are we still trying to recycle the same people throughout the industry without planting the seeds for a new crop of travel professionals.

MEDIA RELEASE - 23.05.2011

After 30 years recruiting for the travel industry Sandra Chiles, Managing Director of inPlace Recruitment, believes we are still limiting the people we attract to our companies. “Our job ads have changed very little. We state our demands for a minimum number of years travel experience as a must and we still reference our preferred age with phrases such as ‘join this young fun team’, says Chiles.  

To develop an organic workforce for the future Chiles promotes taking a fresh look at what our needs actually are as opposed to wanting more of what we had in the past.

“Break down the inherent competencies for the role”, states Chiles. Do you need 5 days a week, 9am to 5.30pm or would 4 days per week 8am to 6pm or a job share arrangement work just as well for your company?

What is the difference between six months or three years experience as a Domestic Corporate Consultant? If someone has a travel course and relevant computer training, can experience be substituted with transferable skills, aptitude and attitude, work ethic and enthusiasm?  

At what age are you mature? At what age are too young? At what age do family responsibilities cease to affect a person’s work?” All questions Chiles believes we need to revisit the answers to.

“To produce a fresh organic workforce that will meet the future staffing needs of the travel industry we need to plant the seeds now by attracting quality people and nurturing them with a rewarding, enthusiastic environment that includes regular training, appropriate remuneration and stimulation. An environment that caters to their needs as well as the industries, Chiles says.”

For further information call Sandra Chiles on 02 9278 5100.