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What NOT to put on your Resume! Resume funnies to avoid!

Not everyone is putting their best foot forward when it comes to submitting a resume! Here are some funny ones that we've had over the years and some tips on what to avoid!

Your resume and cover letter are the first thing seen by your potential employer. These are often the deciding factor of whether you will get an interview. When you are up against hundreds of other job seekers it is crucial that you get it right!   

You only have one chance to make a good impression and not everyone is putting their best foot forward. Below are a few entertaining but sadly unprofessional examples of resumes and cover letters that have come across our desk over the years;

  • “I’m positive and outgoing, but I need to learn how to control my temper.”
  • “I have passed-out in IATA Course”
  • “Hobbies - Watching Netflix”
  •  “I am very passionate about House Music and my sense of fashion is up to date”
  • “2006 - 2007                South London young offenders institute”
  • “This resume literally is in its 9th iteration, and I very much consider it, and myself a work in progress”
  • “Dear President, Prime Minister, Sir or Madam, every People”
  • “I’m not really sure what role I want”
  • “2009 - Girlfriend, then ex, kills herself, and I have six months to mourn the loss. I get  Centrelink, write lots of diary entries, smoke cigarettes, and finally graduate from  University”
  • “Fired from my job in a shop for not getting along with a red-haired with personality problems, I declare I will never work for anyone ever again, and start my own company”
  • “Hobbies - Cooking, Watching, Chill out with friends, Get new relationship”
  • “This photo is after operation, so I am so ugly, normally I am very attractive and nobody gives me age 45”
  •  “2012 my life was in turmoil, usually because of girls / love. I feel I have learned all there is to learn, and see that lately I have had no diary entries, hence no turmoil”

If you want to secure an interview LEAVE OUT the following;

1. Photos

 Belong in your album not on a resume. Particularly ones where you are partially clothed, or down at the pub or have friends’ arms draped over your shoulder and partially cropped out!

2. Inappropriate email addresses 

sexyandsingle at hotmail.com or slickrick at gmail.com  are best left for your Tinder account! Keep it professional.

3. Too many graphics & embellishments

Save it for your scrapbooking class. They can hinder search engines and visually take away from your skills and experience.

4. Long sentences

Use bullet points, hiring managers don’t have hours to read your credentials. Keep it short and to the point. Summarise.

5. Spelling mistakes

Having “Great attention to detail” is discounted if you have spelling or grammatical errors throughout your resume. Use spell check or have a friend proof read.

6. Personal details

Your marital status, age and hobbies are not relevant and can lead to prejudices being formed against you.

7. Incorrect attachments

Double check your attachments. It doesn’t look good sending a cover letter for a different job or your super tasty Banana cake recipe instead of your resume!

8. References

Don’t include these till you have been interviewed. Especially not your current employer when you have not discussed leaving. (As obvious as this sounds, it is a very common mistake. You do not want to get fired before you even secure an interview!)

9. Honesty

Leave out the negativity and what you need to improve on. Keep it positive!


You want to stand out from the crowd for a good reason and not your faux paus. Spend time crafting your resume or even pay a professional resume writer so you ensure you are being judged on your skills and experience relevant to the job and are not being let down by your delivery!


Kristi Gomm




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