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Want that job but don't have the right experience? 5 tips to get your foot in the door!

I’m sure we have all experienced a time when we have seen that perfect job but upon closer inspection don’t have the right experience. Sound familiar?

 So here are 5 tips to help you get a look in and stand out from your competition. 
If you don’t have all the experience required:

1. Adapt yourself!

Most roles have a list of specific or prior knowledge/ experience. Break down the actual core skills and you will find that many of these are transferrable. Identify these core skills by the verb in each specification – organising, building rapport, planning, developing, training etc. Your experience using the required core skill may not be specific to that product or industry but at some time in your professional career you will have used that core skill. Ensure you highlight this skill and your previous experience using it in your cover letter and on your resume within the duties of your past role. 

2. Give your paper file a personality!

Phone in, drop in, get referred, get noticed! Follow up your resume with a phone call to the hiring manager on the proviso that you want to check your resume was received – that way someone will have to physically find your application – putting you top of mind. Better still, if you or your recruiter know someone who works within the organisation get them to put in a good word for you. 

3. Have a WOW factor

In todays’ market everything is driven by ROI (Return on investment) so show your worth. 
You did a course or degree? – Don’t just list it, show how your mastered it – “Top 5 percentile” “Honours” “Published my work” “Won a competition” etc. 
You call on Travel Agents in the NSW region? – “Increased sales in the NSW region by 32% in 2017 gaining 12 new portfolios” 
Ensure you have a value or an outcome to the duties performed on your resume. Include links to showcase your work. 

4. Tell them why they should hire you - what you can do for their business!

Do your research on the company. Tell them why you want to work for their company in particular. Then quantify what you could bring to their business. 

5. When all else fails - be a little cheeky!

At a BBQ I recently heard this rather crafty but ingenious suggestion involving Key Words to get past the word search filters that some large corporations use. If you lack a certain computer program on your resume you could put a note at the bottom that you are currently looking to undertake this particular course.  That way your resume will slip through the search filters enabling you to be seen! This may also work for large corporations where HR search filters look for certain company names within job seekers resumes. To get these brands on your resume you could add a note at the bottom if you know someone who works for that particular company & speaks highly of it – again your key word will allow you past the filters and enable you to show your worth. * Big Caution - This should only be used as a last resort, if you feel you have the relevant experience for a particular role but lack the previous employment or specific skill they may be searching for. Under no circumstances do we suggest you lie on your resume. - the truth will always catch up with you!
Remember this is a competition – so you need to work on your game plan! You literally have seconds to make an impression before your resume is in the delete pile. You need to ensure you stand out from the crowd!
Kristi Gomm 
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