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Losing and employee doesn’t have to be all bad news!

Here are some ways to turn that dreaded Resignation into something more positive.

Most of us freak out when we hear that dreaded word Resignation! Instantly our minds are flooded with contingency plans for replacements and reducing the impact of lost productivity during the training interim, not to mention the exorbitant costs involved. So, just for a second, why don’t we take a look at some of the ways we can turn this negative into a positive!

  • New employees can bring with them new skills and fresh ideas – Your new employees  skill set will not be an exact replica of your old team member, so why not embrace some of their talents, knowledge and ideas.
  • A team member leaving is a great opportunity to review old procedures and job descriptions – get your existing team involved, you may find this will lead to increasing internal efficiency and improved job satisfaction.
  • A resignation will give you the chance to gain constructive feedback during the exit interview process. This should give you some valuable insight into your business as a whole, everything from team dynamics, leadership capabilities to processes and procedures and may even provide some tips into what your competition are offering!
  • Finally, your old employee will often be your greatest ambassador for your brand – spreading the word about your great product or service and what it was like working for your organisation.

So next time you hear that dreaded “R” word, take a deep breath, wish them well and look at how you can turn the situation around to benefit the company. 

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