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I'm out of here! ....Resigning - the strategic approach

So the time has come to move on. We work in a niche industry, so it’s important not to burn any bridges in the process . Be strategic in your approach to ensure you leave on good terms. You want to be remembered for your accomplishments not your poor exit.

Irrespective of your performance to date if you leave on bad terms then this is how you will be remembered. 

  • It is always best to resign in person to your direct manager or supervisor and then follow up with a formal letter. A letter of resignation is not the place to unload all your grievances about your company, manager or position, so keep it positive and professional to ensure you don’t jeopardise your future career prospects – remember your current manager may end up your future employer!
  • Make sure you give ample notice and don’t get wrapped up in your new opportunity and leave your employer without adequate handover. 
  • Keep focused in your final weeks. Ensure you tie up loose ends and leave things in order for your replacement. 
  • Be politely constructive but honest in your exit interview. 

Your Resignation Letter should include:

  1. Todays date, the title of the position you are resigning from, the date you will finish up (make reference to your contract for the notice period).
  2. Include a paragraph or two thanking your employer for the opportunities presented and the skills you have gained along the way. Let them know that you valued your time with the organisation and that you learnt a lot from your professional and skilled mentors within the business. 

Only you can determine the legacy you leave behind. So enjoy this new chapter in your career and rest easy knowing you have left a positive impression and contribution to your past employer. 


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