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Go where you are celebrated - not tolerated!

Workplace culture is an important, if not the MOST important, factor to consider for an employee.

In reality close to 50% of your waking hours are spent at your place of employment. Therefore, it’s imperative that you feel valued and appreciated and can assimilate with the company culture & values.
Workplace culture takes on many different components from the way a business presents itself to its internal management style and not to forget the employees and their attitudes, values and behaviour. All of these combined will determine the success of an organisation.
Some food for thought, take a look around your office;

  • Do the employees seem happy?
  • Do you enjoy being in their presence?
  • Is there a high staff retention rate?
  • Is your leadership team approachable?
  • Do they value and appreciate their team?
  • Are the lines of communication always open?
  • Are customers satisfied with the product or service they are receiving?
  • Are the customers returning?

The answers to these questions should give you a clear indication of your workplace culture and whether it’s the right place for you.
A good workplace culture goes hand in hand with high staff retention and increased productivity leading to a more successful business.
Is your workplace culture right for you? 
Kristi Gomm

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